Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's a Musical! It's a Play! It's ENCORE!

Recall the last time you experienced something amazing! It might have been a great meal…or an incredible vacation…or the miracle of childbirth…or an awe-inspiring sighting of a UFO! Bottom line, these experiences had a “wow” factor that made them memorable. Each is a unique and unforgettable experience in its own special way.

An unforgettable experience is the creative force behind each of Encore Vocal Ensemble’s performances. We carefully craft everything we do, from the song selections, to the script development, to the costume creation, in order to bring to the stage an unparalleled performance.

But the true question is what makes Encore performances so unique, so unforgettable, and so fabulous?!

Encore has developed a special “formula” that leverages a special blend of creative ingenuity that may remind you of other theater experiences. We are part musical, part theatrical play, and all passion!  Our approach to performance is based on our passion for music. We seek to display a variety of music from both stage and screen that visually tells a story. We weave these song selections into an original Encore script that takes the performance from a mere choral performance into the realms of theatrical storytelling that incorporates the best of musical and play performance. Our satirical undertones and locally-grown talent blend together into a rich, dynamic show that no other group in the nation has yet to replicate. We rely on the contributions of our talented singers, playwrights, musical directors and costume designers to deliver a show that fosters community spirit and a passion for the arts. 

Check out our next performance, Out of Time, at The Garfield Theatre on June 21st and 22nd. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the door. The mere show description alone highlights our unique nature and creativity:

A Futuristic, Post-Apocalyptic, Time-Traveling, Steam Punk, Dystopian,
Wormhole-Filled Musical Journey through the Ages.  

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and right here on our blog series, where future shows and events will be announced. Don’t forget to check out our past performances on YouTube.

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