Friday, May 16, 2014

Time Travel – Tale or Truth?

The fascination with time travel has captivated the minds of people for generations. A simple Google search on time travel theory serves up over 193 million results alone! Why the fascination? Why the multitude of theories? Why the curiosity of visiting the past or seeing the future? Well, many would chalk it up to simple human curiosity. Others may have a more ambitious angle.gains of fortune, gathering of political power, altering the present by changing the pastthe list is numerous.

To put it in simply, time travel is moving between different points in time. Sounds simple, but conceiving of the quantum mechanics and reality of such travel has astounded scientist, and sci-fi artists, for decades.

Terms such as special relativity or general relativity, wormholes, cosmic strings, and paradoxes are profoundly apparent in various theories of time travel. From Albert Einsteins theories to Star Treks multitude of storylines to Marty McFlys adventures in Back to the Future, time travel holds the fascination of possibility; curiosity of understanding the past, and hope for a prosperous future. These may seem idealistic uses of time travel, but considering the dangers of time travel our intentions will dictate the results of our actions.

You may be wondering why Encore Vocal Ensemble is blogging about time travel? Well, we consider ourselves a ragtag group of singers/performers that embrace songs from all eras of time. Our passion for music, for lyrics, inspires us to explore all dimensions of time within music. In fact, we are so fascinated by it we have hired our very own time traveling Professor of History to help us traverse the barriers of time and space in our pursuit of musical bliss!

Now, we leave the question of whether time travel is actually possible up to you, and have provided a variety of scientific and entertainment resources on time travel below for you to peruse. In the meantime, come see our future showcase of past musical hits in our upcoming show Out of Time on June 21st and 22nd, 2014. CLICK HERE to buy tickets and view details.



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